Bounty Gets Extension Granted for Events until the End of February

Bounty gained the support for Reggae Month from Jamaica’s Entertainment Advisory Board (EAB).

Howard McIntosh, the Chairman of the EAB, echoed Bounty’s concerns and called for exemptions to continue beyond Christmas time.

“The extension should have lasted until the end of February 2020, which is a nationally declared month of celebration for Jamaican Reggae Music,” McIntosh said.

The Minister of Culture, Gender Entertainment and Sport Olivia Grange, who had asked for the extension, was praised by McIntosh. Who also cautioned the Ministry of National Security to stop using the Noise Abatement Act.

McIntosh believes, brand Jamaica is linked closely to culture and entertainment, and should not be stifled.

The chairman’s comments came only three weeks after Bounty Killer made similar statements on his Instagram account.

“February will be Reggae Month and if we are truly celebrating Reggae Music it should be played freely during that month,” Bounty had declared in a post.  

Bounty Killer and his Advocacy for the Cockpit Country

He says he wants to grow old and retire in Jamaica and he doesn’t want the environment to be destroyed anymore. He said, ” over the years bauxite mining has been taking place in Jamaica and the people have not been worried about it, but now Jamaicans on the island and those who abroad are not supporting the plan to mine the Cockpit Country.”

The poor people messenger said, the Government has 51% of the shares in Bauxite mining company and that means the decision that is being made about the Cockpit Country can be changed by them.

He doesn’t want Jamaica to be like Brazil with another destroyed section because of bad policies. He doesn’t care about politics now and he is coming out against any party who is not willing to protect the lungs of Jamaica (the Cockpit Country).

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