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Bounty Killer calls on minister Andrew Holness to pay the police more!

[Sharingbuttons]Bounty Killer in a recent performance at 100 Live Stage show, took time out of his fiery performance to deliver a message of advice to the Jamaican government in which he said “Politician, unno cyaan make life hard and make it easier fi people do bad things, and den di crime rate escalate and leave it pan di police dem. Give the police dem di money,”.

The very militant deejay went on to say “Dah sick-out supmn deh weh dem have police a do inna dis time when the crime rate so high nuh right. Andrew Holness, hold dis: ‘Give the police di money to fight the beast name crime.”

“You can’t ‘die-hearted’ to foolishness. Dat’s why nothing nah change inna Jamaica. Andrew say him have him stronghold and Peter say him have dem pan him Phillips. Unu better learn and shake up the system; run weh PNP and run weh JLP if dem nah do nothing. Unu up a Parliament not looking out for the less fortunate and the poor. A different people we want inna Jamaica now fi take we inna 2018.”


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  1. Until you walk in peoples shoes you will never understand, police have to work in such poor conditions with low pay and they have to serve an ungrateful nation, people who curse them out everyday just for doing there jobs and at the end of the day are unable to properly take care of there bills and family, yes you have lots of corrupt cops but people must first remember that these individuals came from the same Jamaican society, members of the JCF are your brothers, sisters fathers and mothers , so if them a criminal from morning Jcf can’t change them, we must always remember that there is no price on ones life and if a man a risk his life he must be paid well, if u as Jamaicans see no need for cops I ask you to just try and disarmed the heavily armed tugs on our streets , and if you feel scared to do that well respect the men and woman who decided to!

  2. Killa shut up …u drive up crime with u gun lyrics and now want us to pay for your mess ? Killa just shut up …kmt…The police force is it’s own worse enemy and so paying them more isn’t going to fix the issue seen so shut all your rass mouth kmt…Use your time and energy and lobby the other artiste dem fi leave out gun lyrics ..stop glorify guns, weed and nasty tasting henny…dat u fi do too much man kmt.

  3. Don’t lose it, nuh tru we seh u a general. DAT affi di music fraternity. Di pm know weh him a do how much years now di country di a run good
    And as pnp win 2012 it starts crime every where. First headless in Spanish town. Mayhem in Western Kingston, Mobay gone back pon a rampage.kmt it all start from the PNP. Trust me so big to Mr Golding him alone did av di plan

    1. When Bruce mash up him owner place fi set an example. Yow a di coolest me ever see a place a history. And den di PNP dem come whip di man seh him created genocide. Member a democracy weh support hear so anything goes u all response for and opposition

  4. Kmft a wonder y ,look wat they did to the lady. The lady was in labor and her bf couldn’t get any car and went across the street to the police station to ask for assistance and they told him their vehicles are not for that purpose so he went back and he and his baby mother were trying to deliver the baby bcoz the baby was coming. And with no understanding of what to do he held the baby head and was pulling it. She told him to stop he stopped and she tried on her own,she had the baby and the baby died and she almost died and those stupid cops sit in the station eating and talking. They are useless

    1. Livingston Brown come get di longest straw and suck mi pon a bloody bloodclat month and use yuh tongue and lick out mi batty. Yuh mumma stupid fi have u,I have no reason to run to police dog shit bout ungrateful afta police nuh do ppl fava a dem work dem a do dem get rass pay but them nah put in no extra work to deserve ntn. I don’t give a fuck who u are coz is like the entire male squady dem a fuck u why it hurt u suh,come fr under mi fucking post and guh look a cock fi nyam germs

  5. Pay them more to be currupt they are the ones who is the root kf the crime in jamaica caz they are friends with the criminals nuff store wey bruk a town dem know bout it n get cut outa it dem duh robbry don a pay dem money n d list goes on….infact dem need fi get weed out man

  6. Some of the out people behavior is like you don’t have good cops out there that put their lives on the line each day and doing a fine ass jobs!yes we do have the the ones that are greedy and some because they don’t get as much pay to to take care of their family they have to try other means ,so why the good got to suffer for the bad.

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