Bounty Killer Calls Out Elephant Man, Says He’s a “Real Animal”

Veteran artiste Rodney Pryce otherwise called Bounty Killer blasts the energy god Elephant Man for his presumed lack of feelings and emotions displayed following the passing of well-respected dancehall deejay Boom Dandimite.

Bounty Killer went as far as to say that Elephant Man is a real animal and that he is going to reap what he sows.


UPDATED: Elephant Man Response to Critics Following Boom Dandimite’s Passing, “Elephant Nuh Live Fi Instagram”

Bounty Killer shared a post via Instagram in remembrance of Boom Dandimite as he mourns the passing of a man he holds in high regard. Bounty also credits Boom Dandimite for bringing him to the studio for the first time, which led to his rise in dancehall and the ascension of many other artistes Bounty brought to the forefront.

Under Bounty’s emotional post, a fan pointed out that even though Elephant Man and Boom Dandimite were in the same music crew at one point, he hasn’t issued any form of condolence towards Boom Dandimite’s loved ones.

“Killa stay strong, I can’t believe humans can’t forgive nd forget. Elephant can’t even send condolence regardless of what happened back then,” the commenter wrote.

This prompted a fiery response from Bounty Killer, who says, “Elephant is a real animal, miss Yvonne died his mom, and he did not say rip no feelings no emotions, ask his kids ntn surprising wicked youth u reap whatever u sow though he’s gonna reap all that he sowed just like all of us god not sleeping boom never bring me a studio Ele couldn’t buss hope he remembered.”

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However, Elephant Man nor no member of his team has commented publicly on the matter since Bounty’s response. Elephant Man and Boom Dandimite were part of the same dancehall group Scare Dem Crew, which enjoyed much success in the 90s.  

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