Elephant Man Responds to Critics Following Boom Dandimite’s Passing, “Elephant Nuh Live Fi Instagram”

Friday, May 26, 2023, 10:12 AM GMT-5

Elephant Man has finally broken his silence publicly as it relates to the passing of his former dancehall crew member Boom Dandimite, this after being dragged publicly by veteran artiste Bounty Killer. According to the Signal Di Plane artiste, “Elephant nuh live fi Instagram and mi no live fi people, mi live fi the Almighty, the Creator.”

In his message, the Energy God also noted that he was one of the first to become aware of Dandimite’s coma on Saturday.

As the entertainer continued his response to critics, he stated, “The Saturday when Dandimite de a Miami inna coma, Sharon Burke call me and mi run dem offa mi phone, stop chat foolishness, nuttin nuh go so, Dandimite deh a Seaview and alright, him good and a recover from him crash.”

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Elephant Man Continued his response by saying, “But tru me don’t come out and tell the public that, mi no live fi public, mi no live fi Instagram, mi no live fi dem ting de, mi nah look no hype off a Dandimite death.”

Elephant Man stated that he was shocked by Bounty Killer’s comments when contacted on Thursday via Observer Online regarding the matter. The dancehall veteran also made it clear that he doesn’t embrace negativity. Reports even revealed that Elephant is the godfather of Boom Dandimite’s two daughters.

The dancehall hitmaker went on to express his sadness about the passing of Boom Dandimite by stating, “How man fi nuh hurt from Dandmite dead, how man fi nuh mash-up, how this fi nuh shook man, memba mi hear say Dandimite crash and good and then all of a sudden, man hear say Dandimite dead, this nuh mus jerk up man wicked, wah yuh a talk bout bredda.” 

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Based on Elephant Man’s response to the recent allegations, a few dancehall fans suggest Bounty Killer apologise to the entertainer for calling him an animal without feelings or emotions.

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