Bounty Killer DISSES Alkaline Fan who PROVOKED Him

Sunday, May 16, 2021, 2:38 PM

The “War Lord” hasn’t changed one bit with regards to verbally attacking persons who gets him cross, angry or miserable. After posting about his album shortly after Alkaline released his much anticipated “Top Prize” album, Vendetta fans are of the view that Bounty Killer is “throwing words” at the Vendetta Boss when he said “dropping dem little dumpling thing”.

According to Rodney Price, the “coming is near” and fans should expect the biggest dancehall album that has been released over the past two decades. Seemingly the killer heard the album and drew a conclusion that it would not be better than his, these are other opinions online.


In the post, The Killer showed off what appears to be the “Y’album” cover image and wrote a lengthy side note that started as followed “Since everybody and dem granny making album this year”. Check out the full statement below.

A fan reacted to Bounty’s post, outlining that his side note seems to be directed to “one main artiste”. The Grunggaad was quick to reply, telling the person to go “chunk(chuck) off inna yuh artiste and soak it up a who you mon”.

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