Bounty Killer Facing Backlash After This ‘Funny’ Dance Move On Stage – Watch Video

Sunday, November 26, 2023, 7:14 AM

Veteran Jamaican dancehall artiste Bounty Killer has found himself at the centre of controversy after a performance where he executed a ‘shaky looking’ dance move. The incident has sparked widespread backlash from fans, as they called out the Poor People Governer for his dancing.

During a live performance, Bounty Killer performed a dance move that many viewers found outrageously funny. In the video, Bounty Killer can be seen arching his back with his hand on his knee, which is considered a female dance move in Jamaican culture. Also, a male that was on the stage a few feet away behind Bounty Killer quickly moved as he saw the deejay’s body position.


Persons in the crowd can be heard laughing uncontrollably and ridiculing the dance move as they react. One fan goes as far as to call the deejay ‘battyman’.

questimeofficial Instagram page, where the video was uploaded, was instantly flooded with reactions in the comment section under the video, leading to a widespread backlash against the entertainer. However, the platform had a different perspective on the dance move based on the caption, which read, “Man just a enjoy the performance.”

kianamfn commented, “Him arch him back enuh.” Vicmulaa stated, “him a legend but the daag affi get a y desso wah kinda movements dem deh.”

Another fan commented, “Bwoy a betta u did tek d Likkle selfie killa.”

See the video below:

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