Bounty Killer Gets Comical While Talking Afrobeat and Dancehall, Says Afro Artistes Have “No Beef No Pasta”

During a recent interview, Bounty Killer discussed the rise of afrobeat and the origins of the genre currently taking over the world. When Bounty was asked if he believes dancehall music still has a place on the international market with the emergence of afrobeat in the interview conducted by I Never Knew Tv, the veteran responded by stating.

“Hell yeah, afrobeat has nothing to do with dancehall, afrobeat is another genre, yeah, afrobeat never came in competition with dancehall or came with intent to take something from dancehall, I don’t know why people kept on comparing afrobeat and dancehall, why, afrobeat is like a baby from dancehall, its a relative.”

The dancehall entertainer also said he was happy that Africa finally has its own sound, insisting that Africa is the birthplace of music. Bounty claims that the main reason afrobeat is doing so well on the international stage than dancehall is because dancehall musicians lack creativity, and the topics they are singing about are unrelatable to the global music market, the dancehall stalwart explained.

As Bounty continued his analysis on the current state of dancehall, the Look Into My Eyes deejay said, ”Jamaica music too technical, a tell you all type a thing and them a sing in a metaphor like them nuh really waa yuh know wha dem a seh, why you singing to us in a metaphor? You make it simply technical, not technically technical, this is how dancehall music is today.”

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In closing, Bounty also gives another reason why dancehall music is not reaching its full potential, stating that because of the infighting within the dancehall space when compared to the afrobeat space, “Afro artiste don’t fight each other they have no beef, no pasta, all they have is music and unity, everybody a Africa link, dancehall have too much segregation and too much conflicts,” Bounty declared.

See the full video below:

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