Bounty Killer Gets Into Heated Argument With The Police – Watch Video

While seemingly on his way from the funeral of his godson, dancehall veteran Bounty Killer got into a heated argument with the police.

Bounty attended the funeral of his godson Noel Douglas, son of his friend and former Scare Dem Crew member Angel Doolas. Douglas was shot on Penwood Road in Kingston by a member of the Jamaica Defense Force (JDF) after he was allegedly seen firing a weapon to celebrate New Year’s Day. However, Doolas refuted those claims, alleging that his son was unarmed at the time of the shooting and that the JDF planted guns at the scene of the crime.


On Sunday, Bounty joined Douglas’s family and friends for the funeral at the Seaview Garden Seventh Day Adventist Church. In a video circulating on social media, the Fed Up deejay appears irate as he engages in a heated argument with police officers. An infuriated Bounty Killer can be seen standing on one side of the road with what appear to be other incensed funeralgoers, who declare that the police are ready to kill while the officers are standing across the road.

Bounty Killer appears to request the return of a driver’s licence so that they can continue on their way after they were pulled over for a traffic stop.

“A dat unuh come fi do prosecute somebody? A simple likkle traffic stop [ … ] One likkle simple traffic stop yuh come yah fi prosecute somebody. Okay, a hope when unuh get execute unuh nuh bawl bout prosecute,” Bounty Killer stated.

Bounty made no mention of the incident in his post on Sunday about the funeral but asked his fans for prayers for Doolas. Doolas, in turn, expressed his gratitude for the artiste’s help throughout the mourning period for his son.

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“Give praises and glorify the most high Almighty Creator for the existence of a brother like no other @grunggaadzilla , for his efforts in being there for us the family [ … ] His remarkable support was full-fledged, wasn’t asked for however he gave without hesitation from the moment he got the tragic news of Noel’s passing,” Doolas wrote in an Instagram post on Monday.

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