Bounty Killer Launches Verbal Attack on Criminals after Trafalgar Shootout

The poor people’s governor, Rodney Basil Price is speaking his mind as a result of the brazen shooting which took place along Trafalgar Road in the corporate area on Monday. According to the police, the occupants of the car were the suspected murderers who killed a man in nearby Swallowfield community moments earlier. A stolen firearm was taken from them, it was reported that it belonged to the man who was killed by the men.

After hearing this report Bounty Killer took to Instagram to share his thoughts.


Bounty’s angry statement goes as follow “Jah know star it’s only hours earlier on I posted the CRIME STOP 🛑 CRIME CRASH video then moments after this took place on Waterloo Rd two likkle mascaraed go meet them Waterloo the little youths them have no rawtid sense today”

Bounty did not stop there as he went on to point out that this is not the Jamaica he want, he also outlined that as a fellow ghetto youth he would not take to crime and violence for a better life, instead he would have stayed in  Riverton or Seaview Gardens, he also pointed out that criminals like the ones cut down yesterday deserves to die, “hear mi all of the Stinking Nasty Duty Rotten Johncrow Skirmish Zaar Criminal deh fi bloodclaath DEAD💀in cold blood I CARE ZEEO🩸my stance this” he wrote.

He concluded that he stands for the things that will make Jamaica better and lashes out against fellow entertainers who support criminals, “I Stand With Country anyone who is friends or associates with any kind of pussy ole like this should be treated likewise Especially Some Artiste gal and boy who is buying guns and mining gunman and criminal bullet unuh fi get to str8 up mi nuh hide and talk mi bad bumboclaath man who nuh like it just say a word bitches and witches waiting”.

The video of the shootout was blocked on Bounty Killer’s page however his cross and angry statement is still there for everyone to see. See the rest of his statement below.

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