Bounty Killer PRAISED for donating Beds to Hospitals in Kingston

Wednesday, February 7, 2018, 1:07 PM

Dance Hall star Bounty Killer, decided to hand over 60 beds to the Victoria Jubilee and Kingston Public Hospitals. “We had to start the giving from somewhere, so I went ahead and got the beds for the hospital. It cost a bit of money, but I got them into the country hassle free.” He said. Some of the beds in the hospitals were in a deplorable condition and now they can be replaced.

Senior Medical officers and staff at the hospitals are extremely grateful. However they are in need of a lot more equipment like, ECG machines, stretchers, blood pressure machines, patient monitors and other things. For Bounty this is just the start of things to come, he plans to keep on giving to the health sector. Just like Shaggy, who staged the “Shaggy and Friends concert” recently and raised $J100 million for the Bustamante Hospital for children. 


“If we want to have a better Jamaica we have to help the Government, whenever I have something, I will be stretching out my hand to give, because everybody knows that is how we receive our blessings,” he said. People blame the Government and they are not doing their part.

The artiste says he wants to start a foundation and he has an interest in the health sector. It is so good to see Jamaicans contributing to the health sector because no one knows when they will be in need of health care, it is important for our hospitals to be equipped.

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