Bounty Killer Says “Kotch e book a lie” As He Poses with Valiant, Teejay, and Producer – See Photo

December 22, 2022 8:26 PM

Dancehall Veteran Bounty Killer met up with fellow dancehall artistes Valiant and Teejay at a recent event. The musicians took a group photo together alongside the producer of Starz Plus. The eye-grabber in the photo, as many fans were quick to point out, was the fact that Bounty Killer and Valiant were snapped together.

Bounty, who also goes by the Grung Gaadzilla on Instagram, has been a very vocal advocate for education in light of dancehall’s trend of glorifying “dunce.” Bounty spoke against the popular slang “fully dunce,” which has been circulating among newer dancehall artistes.


In one of his protests on social media, the dancehall giant identified fellow deejays Skeng and Valiant, who were endorsing the slang, and noted that they did not start the trend. Valiant, the Dunce Cheque hitmaker, has expressed that he does not want to be judged by what he sings.

His “dunce” and “guzu up” songs continue to trend for the younger generation. Bounty seemed unimpressed with such songs since he also chastised entertainers who sang about Obeah.

Bounty Killer Bashes “Fully Dunce” Slang, Molly, and Guzu – Watch Video

However, Bounty shared the group photo on Instagram yesterday and tagged all three parties in the caption. The caption also said, “Kotch e book a lie,” a play on Valiant’s popular slang “Kotch e hat a lie.”

In the photo, Bounty stood next to Teejay in a white T-shirt with multi-coloured pants. Teejay was dressed in all white, and Valiant posed next to him, rocking a green jacket, a white shirt, a brown hat, and jeans. To the far right, the producer sported a red shirt and jeans. 



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