Bounty Killer Says “Too much rat bat flying around” in Response to Increased HIV Cases in Jamaica – Watch Video

Tuesday, December 5, 2023, 12:33 PM

Jamaica is currently experiencing a troubling rise in HIV cases based on data, causing concern among both the citizens and the government. This alarming trend has prompted various individuals and organizations to step up and address the situation head-on.

Among the many people who are taking a stand verbally about the issue is renowned Jamaican dancehall artiste Rodney Basil Price more commonly known as Bounty Killer.


Known for his influential music and strong social commentary, Bounty Killer has never shied away from speaking out about important societal issues. When news of the increasing HIV cases hit the public, he wasted no time in using his platform to blast those contributing to the rise in numbers.

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On Monday, Bounty Killer took to Instagram to share a post made by Yardhype about the rising cases of HIV on the island. Aside from sharing the news to his followers he also made a note, expressing what he believes is the root of the problem, he wrote, “Too much rat bat flying around.”

Check a snippet from the video/story below:

As some may know, the term “rat bat” is nowadays associated with ‘wild’ and grimy male individuals on the island. Notably popular young dancehall artiste RajahWild sings about how much “bad b!tch” loves to make-love to “rat bat”.

The data shows that Westmorland leads in the highest new transmission level for a single parish with 38.1%, Trelawny with 37%, St. Ann with 34.5% and St. James with 33.5%. It was also revealed in the report that around 30,000 Jamaicans are currently living with the virus.

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