Bounty Killer Sends more Condolences To Mavado’s Family

Tuesday, March 23, 2021, 10:13 PM

Even though Mavado and Bounty Killer, had their feud some time ago, the five-star general is keeping the prayers going up for the Gully gad and his family who are going through some tough times. In an Instagram post made by the Killer, he expressed how much it hurts his heart as a man who also has a young son.

In his post, the “5-star general”, spoke about his feelings towards what is going on in his former protege’s life, by using a popular Jamaican proverb that states “Trouble never set like rain”. He further went on by saying “nobody knows what tmrw brings’ its today for me and tmrw for you”.


Bounty Killer by all means is a person who knows about trials as he previously lost his mother, Miss Ivy, that is why he spoke in the post about the fact that we only have one life, which includes good and bad times with tragedies that we have to survive through.

Mavado’s son is currently serving a life sentence for murder and arson that took place in his home community of Cassava piece.

Even though the deejay is going through some tough times at this moment, his fellow artiste friends are sending waves of condolences, and strong messages that might get him in a spirit of faith that things will work out for the best.

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