Bounty Killer sings New “Emotional” song that’s “Very Touching” – Watch Video

Tuesday, February 21, 2023, 11:40 AM

Bounty Killer was spotted in an interview with Spex Da Boss, where he showed the versatility of mastering his craft. Bounty Killer has always shown the world that, despite his name, he too believes that poor people should be uplifted to become more than what is expected of them. On a new track that he has seemingly been working on, “Bounty Killer” showed his fans that he can indeed express heartfelt emotions through his music.

In the interview that was posted, the “Grung Gaadzilla” expressed that he wanted to bring something to the poor people he so earnestly represents to enlighten and uplift them, but he had never done a song like this with so much emotion, and he has never stepped up to such a high range with his vocals before.


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The song, which is named “Firm and Strong,” was fitted with an animated music video that portrays a hero fighting battles and overcoming trials to be successful. Throughout the song, the pain and depth of the lyrics can be heard as Bounty Killer expresses that he too has had bad things done to him and has done bad things in return, but he has never yielded and will always stay firm and strong.

Bounty Killer also took the opportunity to tell his fans that he will always be himself and that nothing can change his outlook on life because he enjoys it when he said, “mi true to miself and mi love me life.” 

Full song and video of Firm and Strong.

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