Bounty Killer Strongly Defends the Rainbow Colours, “Leggo God Bloodclaat Rainbow” – Watch Video

Straight-talking veteran dancehall artiste Bounty Killer, held nothing back as he defended the colours of the rainbow now colonised and incorporated in the LBGTQ+ agenda. According to the poor people’s governor, no group owns the natural colours featured in a rainbow.

During his recent performance in Portmore, Jamaica, Bounty took the time out to send an educational message to the people of Jamaica and the world at large, encouraging them to wear the colours they want because they are God-given. 

“A uno fi rebel and tell them batty bitch leggo god bloodclatt rainbow nutting from the bloodclaat heavens can belong to the batty people uno a idiot people think good nuh, wah bloodclaat rainbow come from the heavens and the earth, how battyman fi go up inna sky go own god bloodclatt rainbow,” Bounty declared.


Bounty continued his hard-hitting speech by explaining the meaning of the rainbow, “Why uno think me wear the clothes me have on wid every colour, what is the rainbow the rainbow come fi tell yuh seh the bloodclaat rain gone so how the fuck uno a talk bout a batty own, a god send message and seh rainbow come let out when the sky black it mean rain ago fall when the rainbow come it mean the rain bloodclaat done.”

Bounty has maintained his fiery views on the controversial group despite the consequence it comes with and urged Jamaicans to defend the rainbow colours as well. A large amount of the patrons in attendance at the event agreed with Bounty’s assessment of the rainbow colours based on their jubilant reactions. 

The Look Into My Eyes deejay is globally known for his outburst throughout his over three-decade musical career. Many fans of the deejay believe that his strong stance against the LGBTQ+ agenda is the main reason the US embassy hasn’t granted him a US visa. 

See the video below:


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