Pride-Coloured Buses in Jamaica With Sarcastic Message? LA Lewis Reacts

Amidst the ongoing diplomatic row between Jamaica and America over Jamaica’s government’s refusal to allow a diplomat to be granted special privileges for their same-sex partner. Controversial social media personality La Lewis has taken to the internet to share a picture showing a bus displaying the quote, “TEK PRIDE INNA JAMAICA.”

La Lewis was outraged by the message on the bus and the colours displayed on the bus as he took to his Instagram page to vent.

“My peeple a wah kine a chi chi mans bus dis. Mr Big nose mi see u entension, but it naw go wuk. Keep wi i-lan cleen nuh duti up Jameica. Tek pryde inna unuh muma set a rivatan shyt howse unuh,” LA Lewis expressed.

Pride is a word incorporated in the LBGTQ+ group, which is used to celebrate their lifestyle choices. However, same-sex marriage and buggery are outlawed in Jamaica presently.

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LA Lewis was not the only one angry with the message exhibited on the bus. Followers of the entertainer chimed in on the topic. One commenter wrote, “Hemparah! Ef you naver tawk eye wood not sees it.”

Another commenter replied by stating, “A weh the blclttt.”

Dagga20 also wrote, “Dem fi light it a plz.”

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