Jamaican and US Governments at Loggerheads after Refusing to Give Privileges to Same-sex Partner of American Diplomat

Dancehall artiste Spragga Benz recently posted a clip from a news article in which the Jamaican government and their United States counterparts are at loggerheads over an incident regarding the partner of an American diplomat.

Earlier this year, the US government wrote to the Jamaican government seeking its approval for the married partner of a diplomat about to be posted to Jamaica to be given diplomatic immunity and all the privileges of a diplomat. The two are in a same-sex union.

In the recording from Radio Jamaica 94fm News posted on Instagram, Milton Walker reported that the Jamaican government did not respond to the request immediately.

The United States sent another diplomatic note demanding a response, to which the Jamaican government responded, rejecting their request.

According to Radio Jamaica News, a senior government official told them, “That would mean Jamaica recognise same-sex marriage, which is illegal in this country.”

Reports indicate that the United States then denied the Jamaican government’s request to extend the stay of three diplomats in the US embassy and consulates.

The US served notice that the three must leave immediately after their five-year diplomatic visas expire.

In the past, Jamaican diplomats could easily get an extension on their diplomatic visas beyond the usual five years, but now this is no longer the case.

Among those affected are Audrey Marks, Jamaican Ambassador to the United States, and Council General Oliver Muir, based in Miami.

According to reports, the US government stated that they must leave the United States and return to Jamaica this year.

What other diplomatic measures the United States government will take against Jamaica is unknown.

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