Bounty Killer Taking a Stand Against Mining in Cockpit Country

Thursday, August 1, 2019, 1:34 PM GMT-5

Bounty Killer voiced his discontent on Social Media as he takes a stand against mining in the Cockpit Country.
The popular dancehall artiste is also dissatisfied with the silence of Jamaicans on the issue. He posted a clip, on Instagram that shows residence demonstrating against Cockpit mining.

He said he is not a JLP or a PNP he is a true Jamaican and he wanted the persons who are here for Jamaica to let their voices be heard. “ANY GOVERNMENT SELL OUT THE COCKPIT SHALL NEVER WIN AGAIN IN JAMAICA.” He wrote.

In another post, Bounty Killer said Jamaicans need to speak up about the real issues and stop paying so much attention to the tearing down of each other and the gossip, mix up and controversy. “We a watch ppl ..other ppl business and not minding our own when them mining out the whole Jamaica,” he wrote.

The Cockpit Country is found in Trelawny and St. Elizabeth, it has the highest diversity of plants and animals and it is one of the best water-source found in Jamaica. There has been a debate about mining in the Cockpit Country recently and there are some Jamaicans who are against it.

Bounty Killer aka Rodney Pryce is known for songs like “Fed Up, Can’t Believe Mi Eyes, and Eagle Hawk.” He is a Grammy Nominee and his foundation has donated beds at the Kingston Public Hospital and the Victoria Jubilee Hospital downtown Kingston in the past two years.

He also believes it is time for Jamaicans to stop being puppets.


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