Bounty Killer Tells Story About How He Found Out His Girlfriend Was Playing Games On Him – Watch Video

Wednesday, January 3, 2024, 8:38 AM

Dancehall stalwart Bounty Killer recounts a time when he was outsmarted by his female partner. The entertainer shared the rather amusing story via a speech to a gathering of people, who seemed to enjoy every bit of the story.

According to Bounty, women are smarter than men based on the lengths they go to cover their deceit. Bounty went on to admit that the style he encountered he did not know existed.


He outlined his experience stating, “Another time me a talk to a girl and me see waa boy a call her me seh a who him, delete the number now, number delete and everything, me go so and beside a the phone one day and see a message come in like the name seh me friend Kerry.”

Ge continues, “but the message weh it a seh a caa Kerry that, this anuh Kerry type a message, a seh babes when me ago see yuh and ray ray, yuh know seh she store back the name under waa girl name.”

Bounty captioned the post he shared via Instagram, “Women been smarter than man from creation ask Adam ask Samson or ask Solomon the wisest one.” As he continued his revelation on his past relationship the artiste admitted he got physical with the female because her deceiving tactics got him ‘cross, angry and miserable’.

“Them likkle summin’ deh the woman dem do ah plug yuh head and mek yuh dark enuh, cause when she do me dem summin’ deh nuh ask if me never slap her enuh man. cause she a deal wid me head a way deh so now that mean seh every girl name in the phone a coulda waa boy, so me mad, cause me nuh know waa me a look fah now, she confused me,” Bounty revealed.

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