Bounty Killer Bashes Jamaicans for Putting Political Parties Above the Country: “Jamaican People Are Idiots When It Comes to Politics” – Watch Interview

Friday, December 15, 2023, 6:34 PM

Outspoken dancehall veteran Rodney Price bashes Jamaicans for putting their loyalty to the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) and the People’s National Party (PNP) above what is right for Jamaica.

The artiste, known professionally as Bounty Killer, has never shied away from speaking his mind regarding the perceived inadequacies of Jamaica’s leading political parties.


Bounty blasted Prime Minister Andrew Holness in June for granting some government officials increases of up to 200% while not sufficiently paying public sector workers. Turning his anger to the Jamaican public, Bounty criticised Jamaicans for prioritising their longstanding loyalties to the JLP and PNP instead of choosing what was best for the country. 

During an interview alongside fellow veteran deejay Cham on Bruck Out, Bounty discussed his unexpected speech during his performance at Fully Loaded in 1999, during which he called for an end to the violence in Jamaica.

Bounty Killer performing
Bounty Killer

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Speaking on what inspired his speech, Bounty said he was very worried at the time, as crime in the country had reached such a concerning rate that government officials had held a meeting to discuss how entertainers could help. Bounty expressed that enough was not being done by government officials who helped themselves instead of helping Jamaicans. 

The artiste compared Jamaicans to members of a masquerade who are so devoted to their political party that they remain loyal even if it is doing the right or wrong thing. Bounty also called out Jamaican communities that are historically loyal to a specific party and classified as a “safe seat.”

 “Tivoli Garden will never turn PNP. Jungle will neva tun JLP. Suh, how wi ago get weh from PNP and JLP? Jamaican people are idiots when it comes to politics. Dem like people, dem nuh like policy,” Bounty stated.

The Benz and Bimma deejay added that people were prioritising friendships, old familial ties, and tradition when deciding who to vote for, while he voted for Jamaica.

Bounty attributed the country’s problems to people’s inability to move beyond their loyalties and said that Jamaica needs a new party because JLP and PNP will not work. Questioned if he would ever enter politics, Bounty adamantly said he would not but was open to becoming an adviser.

Watch the interview below.

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