Bounty Killer’s Main IG Page Suspended Again, “İnstagram stop playing wid mi bumbocl**th page”

Once again, Bounty Killer’s main Instagram account has been suspended, and the Warlord is infuriated. The dancehall veteran hopped on his second account this afternoon, blasting the social media platform for blocking him when he did not “post anything offensive or abusive.”

With a screenshot of seemingly a security CAPTCHA from Instagram, Bounty wrote an enraged message that told the platform operators to stop messing with his page. 


“Pooosie hole İnstagram stop playing wid mi bumbocl**th page mi a post anything offensive or abusive no then how the f*ck mi page must be suspended?” he asked in the caption. 

He continued by adding that it has been some months since he posted anything that might warrant a strike, but the operators have been messing with his account for a while now.

His main page, which operates under the handle @grunggaadzilla, boasts over 916k followers was suspended months ago due to the deejay’s controversial outbursts regarding Jamaica’s authorities. 

Bounty always refers to himself as the voice of the people and shows zero concern when he bashes the authorities while speaking out on topics affecting the island. The suspension that follows his online thrashing resulted in the Firm N’ Strong artiste resorting to his second Instagram account. The second account has the handle @1unogeneral and has over 113k followers.

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