Bounty Killer’s Song Pro. By Notnice Getting Huge Praise

Thursday, August 29, 2019, 9:43 PM

“a one general inna the lawn” Earlier in an interview producer Notnice opened up to approaching bounty killer to do the collab while at uptown Mondays some time ago. The collab was done after Notnice repeatedly asked Bounty to get it done. Now it’s out and is being supported by dancehall lovers all over the world. The track is featured on Notnice’s King Midas Album released earlier this month.

Bounty killer made the following post on his IG after the song was used for the soundtrack by a fan for an upcomig action movie, Bounty wrote “#Repost @aceistv1 ・・@notnicerecords salute to you and the success of #KingMidas ! I agree with this song because with respect given there shall be none gotten and even I know that when you go to Uptown Mondays and see the General @grunggaadzilla to go and pay my respects! A ONE GENERAL DANCEHALL HAVE ! Big up @generalb_ & @generaldegree ! I also listened to many of the other songs, @agentsasco yuh always deliver like @dominoes_pizza ! #dancehallmainstreet #♠️♠️♠️🖥 @idriselba this could’ve easily been the soundtrack for your new movie !.
. .
. Credit @hdfilme_tv”


Listen to the full song below!

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