Young Boy Beats Up Mother Outside Court to Take His Sister From Her – Watch Video

Friday, June 7, 2024, 11:41 AM

Footage of a little boy fighting his mother to stop her from taking his sister after a custody hearing was shared online on June 6 and has since been garnering attention.

At the beginning of the video, the mother can be seen leaving the court with her daughter, who is crying and resisting. Her brother is not too far behind, walking with his father, crying, and apparently complaining in a foreign language.


The boy takes matters into his own hands, confronting his mother with protests and screams. He also hits his mother multiple times while she drags his sister away.

Another woman, who is walking along with his mother, attempts to push him away. When his mother attempts to put his sister in a tuk-tuk (vehicle), he continues to hit her, and a random man tries to restrain him.

After consistently hitting his mother, pulling on his sister’s arm, and throwing what appeared to be a stone at his mother, his sister was finally freed, and the siblings hurried back to the courtyard.

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According to social media user Mariam, who shared the video on X, the court was forced to change the custody ruling after the incident, allowing the father to take the children, as shown in a different video.

It’s unclear when and where the incident took place.

Watch the videos of the incident below:

Read some of the comments below:

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