Boyfriend Being Blamed For St. Elizabeth Woman Found With Throat Slashed

Saturday, April 10, 2021, 11:11 PM

Jamaica News, It is now a week and few days since Nateisha Waite of the Burnt Savannah District in St. Elizabeth was found by her 17-year-old son, in a pool of blood, with her throat slashed and residents are still pointing fingers towards her boyfriend as the killer.

According to the JBN network who brought the news, the mother of the deceased said that her daughter’s life would have been much different if she had travelled to America as she planned.


The younger sister of Waite, spoke on the matter as well stating that the couple was not stable, and she would often advise her sister to walk away from the relationship. She also stated that her sister’s boyfriend is the jealous type, who would often search her phone. The younger Waite stated that the two even broke up several times.

According to the family of the deceased 38-year-old woman, she and her boyfriend were at odds for all of the day on the Saturday before her death, and on Sunday they seemed to be good however, in the night residents of the community claimed they had heard screams but did not make anything of it since it was a regular occurrence.

The next day was her father’s birthday and according to Paulette, the mother of Waite, he did not hear anything from his daughter.

It was on Tuesday when her son went to visit her, that he saw her lying in a pool of blood, with her throat cut.

Residents of the Burnt Savannah community believe she died on Sunday, based on what they heard and due to the dried condition of the blood when they found her.

Waite’s mother who is currently sick with breast cancer expressed to the news that her daughter was a good person, who would always follow her to get medical attention as well as help her to take care of other things.

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