Brazil Death Toll Soars Amid Fears of Starvation and Depression

Brazil’s death toll has topped nearly 260000, it is the world’s second worst to the USA. 

Covid-19 is causing Brazil to face a sad reality and their Governor Joao Doria is now trying to impose lockdowns because there are some Brazilians who say people will die of starvation and depression during lockdowns and they want to continue to live normally.

However, more people will be following the lockdown rules because the hospitals there are overwhelmed and they have run out of oxygen. Just over 4% of the population is vaccinated. The Government has just reported that they will be buying over 100 million of the Pfizer Covid vaccine.

The failure to launch a rapid vaccination drive is causing the country to become one big disease infested place.

A combination of confusion and doing wrong things caused behaviours in the population that led to the spread of the virus. People were going to Carnivals and things were relaxing and no action was taken earlier.

Currently mass burial sites are being dig to bury the dead.

When Pfizer offered the vaccine to Brazil last year they did not take the offer three times and now they are expecting things to get worse before it gets better.

The loss of life has been normalized there and now there is a new variant that is spreading fast because it is much more transmissible, it allows reinfections and it has emerged there. There is no certainty that the vaccines they have will be effective against this new variant.

Brazil had a good record in vaccinating people and keeping the population healthy in the past, but now the situation is becoming more dismal as the days go by. 

Covid-19 cases are increasing worldwide after decreasing for more than a month. 

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