Brazilian Man Kidnaps 12-Y-O and Brings Her to His Apartment in Suitcase, Turns Her into His ‘Sex Slave’ – Watch Video

A forty-two-year-old Brazilian man and his girlfriend allegedly kidnapped a 12-year-old girl from school and transported her to his apartment stuffed in a suitcase to be his “sex slave.”

Reports state that Daniel Moraes Bittar and his 22-year-old girlfriend, Gesielly Souza Vieira, spied on a school three days in advance to find a victim for their alleged crime. After choosing the victim, the pair attacked the girl, threatening her with a knife while using a chloroform-soaked cloth to knock her out.

Bittar and Vieira cuffed the 12-year-old’s legs, then stuffed her into a suitcase in the trunk of their car before driving to a wooded area to dispose of her phone. According to the authorities, Bittar transported the girl to his apartment via the suitcase.

The accused can be seen on footage struggling with luggage from a sidewalk and into his apartment complex.

One of the girl’s friends from school reportedly witnessed the kidnapping and alerted police, who discovered the victim cuffed in a bed and covered in bruises. Later tests revealed that she had been sexually assaulted.

Image – PMDF/CEN via the New York Post

The victim told the authorities that Bittar told her she was going to be his “sex slave” and continued to threaten her. Bittar allegedly filmed the victim being abused and sent the videos to Vieira, who has claimed that she was coerced by him.

After the police’s discovery, Bittar denied the allegations against him but later confessed, reportedly telling investigators that he had “pedophilic inclinations.” Sex toys, cameras, electric shock devices, and pornographic material were all discovered in his apartment.

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Bittar, who has a daughter, volunteered at children’s hospitals and spoke out against child abuse online, while Vieira, a mother of two, appeared to be a Christian on social media. Both face up to 30 years in jail under charges of aggravated unlawful restraint, sexual abuse of a minor, and torture.

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