Tesha Miller was Repeatedly Abused Physically by his Girlfriend, According to Leaked Voicenotes – Listen Audio

In an audio recording, leaked to the public, it is alleged that feared gang leader Tesha Miller suffered physically abused at the hands of his girlfriend. This is the latest in a series of voicenotes with members of the Klansmann gang having conversations on phones not knowing they were being recorded.

In the recording that is now making rounds online, one of the alleged Klansman members known as City Puss, outlined, “Tesha did deh wid one ah one ah e boy deh name Tasha sister Quafa daughter beat that deh gal beat him a nuff time me go over deh go page him and tell him seh hey gal the next time me hear seh you and di man have nutting over yah a go cum shoot you inna yuh bloodclaat a him same one beg fi e gal.”

City Puss continued by revealing that on numerous occasions, he saw Tesha with a bloodshot eye and covered with a kerchief. According to the gangster, Tesha’s girlfriend, referred to as Moss, also ruled him.

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“And E look like the gal nuh f**k fi lick him inna him eye to cause he eye ever bloodshot. Ask bout the gal named Moss, Moss a Moss rule him when you go ah e yard and see Moss tie up eeh head and inna sow so brazier and bloodclaat thighs you know seh alone beating that just get bloodclaat, doh feel like a joke me a mek. Anytime you see him from them time deh with kerchief over he eye,” City Puss revealed.

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