Gaza Kim Responds to Sir P’s Allegations on Why She Was Beaten By Kartel’s Cronies – Watch Video

Ex-Gaza member and singer Kim Hamilton, otherwise called Gaza Kim, gives her side of the story of what led to the infamous beating incident tied to Dancehall artiste Vybz Kartel, which the entertainer denies. Gaza Kim says she is currently in the UK on tour and got numerous calls about Sir P’s video on his Politricks Watch channel.

The popular, yet anoymous, Youtuber released a video seemingly detailing the reasons behind Gaza Kim’s infamous beating while she was at a studio over a decade ago. In her response, Gaza Kim agreed that some of what Sir P says is true, but not all of it, the singer claimed.

As Gaza Kim pointed out which statements by Sir P were incorrect, she said, “So most of what he said is true, but not all of it, nuh man never put nun gun to me head never, yuh understand and um weh him seh bout the carry go bring come nah that never happened but most what he said is completely true.”

Kim also detailed the main reason why she got beaten. The Teenage Pregnancy singer said it was because of false allegations against her and stated that it was another Gaza member who allegedly carried the news to Kartel’s baby mother, Shortie. Kim said she and Shortie were not friends like that at the time.

“It’s not like seh she wouldn’t already know weh fi her man a gwan wid, him sing bout him thing them yuh understand, so she wuda been know that yuh get me, but at the end a the day me never sit dung round no corner and chat nuttin with nobody, and for years I’ve been hearing that I was just a scapegoat because the collie one a she carry the news to she,” Gaza Kim explained.

In closing, Kim stated that she just wanted to be loved like Bob Marley as an artiste and hoped the beating incident would be forgotten about because it took so much from her.

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Watch the video below:

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