Sir P Claims This Man Was Contracted To Kill “The Unruly Artiste”

Sir P of Politricks Watch unveiled exclusive details on Tafari ‘Bingy’ Beckham and ‘Suss’, two men regarded as one of the top players in Jamaica’s criminal network.

According to Sir P, Bingy and Suss worked closely together and were initially from Homestead in Spanish Town. He described them as being impulsive, trigger-happy individuals who were two of the parish’s most destructive and notorious killers arising from the 87 and Klansman/Blackman gang.


He further added that jobs that other gang members were reluctant to do would usually be assigned to both men. This he says propelled them in ranks, making them highly respected by the purported leader, Andre “Blackman” Bryan of the Klansman/Blackman gang.

Blackman, the vlogger alleged had sent the order to execute someone who disrespected him but had run away to Westmoreland. He stated that Bingy and Suss did not hesitate to travel from Spanish Town to the western end of the country to get the job done.

However, Suss’ notoriety was short-lived when he was killed, which left the other half of the murderous duo alone. Ultimately, the relationship between Bingy and Blackman went sour when he did not return a gun to the gang leader. He added that because of this, Bingy went back to his community in Homestead.

A man known as “Fella”, Sir P said was the Don in the community and though Bingy did not respect his position, he worked for him while trying to form a gang of his own. Throughout his reign, Bingy became uncontrollable and killed someone, who was an associate of someone named “Wassy”.

This resulted in a meeting being held which would give Bingy the chance to explain himself, however, he did not show and proceeded to disrespect the area Don by belittling his superiority and telling him to “Suck his mother”.

Bingy then became a target.

Picture of Bingy

According to Sir P, a killing was to be done in Old Harbour of which Bingy was to be a part. A car carrying several men with whom he was assigned to complete the job approached him in Bobby Lane, off Old Harbour Road. Unbeknownst to him, they were sent to execute his life, which they did by shooting him several times.

Reports state that Tafari “Bingy” Beckham was 22 years at his time of death. He was shot and killed at about 9 p.m. on April 23, 2019.

While Sir P did not give many details on how “Bingy” was moments away from killing the Unruly Artiste, he promised more details soon.

Listen the full disclosure by Sir P below:

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