Mr. Vegas Blames Sir P For Shab Don’s Arrest Plus Unknown and G-City Gang War

June 13, 2022

Dancehall artiste Mr. Vegas went live with information that he says proves that the man referred to as ‘Sir P’ and the voice behind the popular YouTube channel ‘Politricks Watch’ is the main reason why music producer, Shab Don was incriminated in the triple murder in Rose Heights, St. James.

In the video posted, Mr. Vegas uploaded a news report from Nationwide Radio Jm that had the headline “Shab Don Charged with Three Counts of Murder”. With this, he highlighted some of the information in the report to form his points, by first making reference to a section that wrote: “sources indicate the gang conflict is between the Unknown and G-City gangs”.


The entertainer then alluded that the gang conflict being referred to is the main reason behind the triple murder in the Rose Heights community in St. James. He said that this was started by Shab Don, who he alleges is the leader of the ‘Unknown gang’ and Dancehall artiste Squash, the leader of the ‘G-City gang’.

He went on to say that Sir P had accused Shab Don of killing Squash’s brother in one of his videos and that is the reason for the massive spike in murders in the parish. Since then, he said that countless persons have died and as a result, the music producer was arrested and charged for the triple murder in the parish.

Furthermore, Mr. Vegas ridiculed the ability of the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) to provide substantiating evidence in having a strong case against Shab Don and implied that he is confident that they will not be successful.

Watch Mr. Vegas’ video below:

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