Shabdon Shares New Killer Amidst Feud With ‘Sir P’

In the midst of the drama going on between Shabdon and popular vlogger Sir P, the producer shared a preview of an upcoming song on his Instagram done by Bounty Killer.

It would appear that the producer shared the preview of the song on his social media account as a response to the vlogger’s most recent video done to urge Shabdon and his lawyer to try and expose him as they said they would do if he continues to make videos concerning the music producer.


In the video by the vlogger who hosts the Politricks Watch program on youtube, he highlighted how the producer has been trying to get him off the online media platform for a while, and even went ahead to expose messages showing the musician reaching out to him which Sir P attributes to him knowing his involvement in criminal activities and wanting to quell the heat.

Sir P has been on the tail of Shabdon for some time, even before using his program to reveal the producer’s hidden identity in September of 2021 as the vlogger has been making videos about the Stone Crusher Gang of which he later revealed that Shabdon was a former member and that in the episodes done about the criminal organization he was making hints about him which is why he decided to reach out to the content creator.

As for the lyrics of the Bounty Killer song that the producer shared on his Instagram account, the deejay could be heard telling Shabdon that they do not answer to anyone, then picking up by singing how they deal with oppressors aggressively which might have caused people to assume that the track was made as a response to the vlogger.

In the comment section of the post, many of the producer’s fans were out and supporting him showing their enthusiasm for the song to be released while dropping a lot of fire emojis under the video to show that the song is hot.

Listen to a preview of the new Shabdon records produced Bounty Killer song below.

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