Sir P Urges Shabdon And Lawyer To Expose Him

Just recently popular Dancehall producer Shabdon took some extreme measures against youtube vlogger Sir P, for videos the content creator has been making about his involvement in criminal activities and gang affiliations by seeking out the assistance of an attorney at law to handle the issue.

The attorney that Shabdon secured is Donovan Collins and as it relates to the videos released by the popular vlogger from the Politricks Watch channel, the lawyer has ordered Sir P to cease and desist from putting out any more content about the producer as well as to issue an apology, while making it clear that if he continues, his identity will be exposed.

Sir P seems not to be moved by the situation though as he took to his youtube channel and did a video concerning the matter, in which he explained that the producer has been attempting for a while to get him off the platform, which he showed some evidence for in the form of an email. What the vlogger also highlighted in his video was that he was already aware that there would have been attempts by Shabdon to get at him, which he knew by way of an Instagram message from his information source he refers to as the PIA.

In the same video, Sir P also drew for an Instagram story that Shabdon posted telling him to suck his mother going on to jeer the producer as being emotional to post something like that, which is the reason why he even went ahead and deleted what he said from Instagram.

In a surprising twist, the vlogger even went ahead and showed that in June of 2020, after he had put out some controversial videos concerning gang operations, the producer messaged him on his Instagram account hailing “Sir P”, with a “Bless up” which Sir P says happened because of his known involvement with crime. It was not until September 2021 though, that the vlogger said he released a video dealing directly with the producer who he refers to as “Shabsnake” or “Snakey”.

Where it concerns the Attorney, Sir P also dissected his file by making it clear that he was a former Police Officer who had the responsibilities of arresting persons involved in the Stone Crusher gang, and now representing an ex-member of the criminal organization as a lawyer.

As it relates to the order that was sent out to the Vlogger, he simply egged Shabdon and his lawyer on to do what they said they would if he does not cease and desist with the videos. It is with that thought that Sir P expressed that he is willing to fight the battle alone for the betterment of his country.

Listen to Sir P making fun of Shabdon and his lawyer below.

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