Brii Explains Why She Threatened Students At Manchester High School After Silk Boss Performance

Friday, April 29, 2022, 8:24 PM GMT-5

Brii, manager and girlfriend of upcoming artiste Silk Boss is at the forefront of controversy for her recent stunt with students at the Manchester High School.

Based on an Instagram Live that was shared by Brii, she and Silk Boss were walking with students as they raved in the background after his performance. This celebration, however, was short-lived when she threatened them.

While raising her hands and turning around, Brii shouted the words “Hey mind mi lick one a unu ina unu bloodclaat, hey nuh ramp wid mi enuh”

To quell the situation, the Montego Bay artiste seemingly muttered the words to her “Hey behave”. The video ended right after.

Since the video, Brii’s professionalism as a manager has been in question and to address this, she posted to her Instagram story explaining that her actions were justifiable.

“To CLEAR THE AIR: I didn’t hit any student at the school. Someone touched me and I didn’t like the touch so I flipped. Y’all love to carry down young people too much.”

Watch the recorded Instagram Live by Ryzze Tv ent below:

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