Silk Boss And Brii Tell ALL

March 19, 2022

The smiling couple went on The Flix to set the record straight about everything that happened before the leaked sex tape and audio, which they confirm were released by Silk Boss’ “so-called friend” Terro Don.

Recounting to the London show with IWaata, Silk Boss explained that the promotor failed to fulfil his end of the deal and Silk Boss is yet to receive payment for the show. The original agreement before boarding the flight to London was to collect 50% of the payment, but that plan did not go through, he detailed that he was given “false information”, which lead them to arrive in London and still didn’t receive any money.


According to Silk Boss, Brii had been warning him before they left Jamaica that he was not going to receive any payment if he waited to collect it after he performed. Along with the missing payment, no accommodation was put in place for the couple.

Additionally, Silk Boss said he was told that the show was a “flop”, but he didn’t share the same opinion. After not being paid and being left in London by Terro because Silk Boss and Brii were late, the dancehall singer had to make his own arrangements to get back home. Silk Boss explained that he use the 2000 pounds he made in London to cover for two plane tickets and with the aid of his uncle Marvin, he was able to stay in a hotel until his flight was ready. He got more assistance from a promoter named Stinga, Brii, and another friend that helped him make more money.

It was also revealed that Terro was overcharging customers for dubplates.

It was after returning to Jamaica that the young entertainer realized that he was blocked out of his Instagram account and YouTube account, both of which Terro Don changed the password. Being that Terro had access to Silk Boss’ Google account, he also had access to his Google Photos which is where he allegedly got the sex tape and leaked it. Terro Don was also said to be present during the dispute that went down between Silk Boss and Brii as they were all seated in a car. Terro allegedly used his phone to record the argument. Both incidents are said to happen in 2021.

Silk Boss, born Rohan Reid, stated that Terro started hating Brii when she began opening his eyes to many things, including how Instagram worked and how YouTube paid content creators. Silk Boss said he confronted Terro about lying that the platform didn’t pay.

“Mi link him and mi seh Terro Youtube pay money. No. So mi seh how yuh deh tell mi seh YouTube nuh pay nuh money and mi see Brii collect 90 add thousand offa YouTube?” Silk Boss questioned his then manager.


It was after that, Terro said that he got $120 USD the previous month from YouTube. However, Brii did the calculations for the number of views on Reid’s channel, which had over one million views, and told him it was impossible to receive that low amount of money.

Brii also added that Terro use to disrespect her, by spreading rumours of her being a groupie and being involved with many artistes, but she stood her ground. Rohan Reid stated that he has always been humble, but the industry is slowly transforming him into a demon.

He briefly addressed the talks of him being a “gyal clown” and stated that he is not worried about that because he was only being called that since he was in a committed relationship and he was taking care of his girlfriend. He also emphasized that Brii never cheated on him or mislead him.


Silk Boss explained that after he and Terro had the fallout they came to an agreement and he was given back his Instagram account. However, Terro still had control of his YouTube channel and proceeded to release unauthorized music. One of the songs that Terro released was Misunderstanding, which he dropped after Silk Boss revealed that he was in the studio working on the song titled “Surgery”. 

Silk Boss also said that he wasn’t sure if Terro paid off his mother because he love her and he was taking care of her but she went behind his back and told lies. He mentioned that he was the sole breadwinner for his mother and he paid all of her bills, but she allowed Terror to release voice messages of her saying he turned his back on her. Silk Boss also said that Brii never disrespected his mother and his mother always contacted his girlfriend if she couldn’t reach him.


Watch Silk Boss and Brii’s full interview below.

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