Silk Boss And Brii Address Leaked Sex Tape And Audio

Dancehall artiste Silk Boss and his girlfriend/manager Sabreinna ‘Brii’ Williams have been trending on social media, not for music, but instead for the leaked sex tape and audio, which they finally address.

The MoBay artiste and his girlfriend have been keeping cool since the shocking content surfaced online, but they have since come forward, stating they would be taking action against the individual who leaked the content.


CEO of Ice Queen Records Brii told The Star that while they haven’t reported the cybercrime to the police yet, they were definitely “on it”.

Brii also sought to clarify the leaked audio that has been raising questions if their relationship was unhealthy.

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According to Brii’s statement, people were misunderstanding the audio because it didn’t reveal everything that happened.

“He didn’t lay his hands on me. When things don’t go my way, I cry. Me and my boyfriend, we play rough,” she stated and added that she was overreacting over nothing. Emphasizing that her boyfriend did not hit her, she went on to clarify that they were both in a good place.

Sabreinna and Rohan Romeo Reid, professionally known as Silk Boss, have been together for nearly one year, and she said that the leaked tape and audio were of incidents that took place in December 2021.

She also added that upon discovering that they were released she was “angry and upset”, but the content came out because “people have control of his account”.

Georgia Wallace, who is the PR manager of Silk Boss, also spoke to The Star about the content and stated that it was leaked because of the spiteful actions of an individual.

Wallace said that while they were working on the matter, they were still focused on the music, which was what really mattered. Wallace noted that they would not be giving the negative feedback any attention as the entertainer was working on music in the studio with Brii by his side.

“He has a song being released on Friday that we know is going to make a huge impact, so we are here doing what matters most, the music,” Wallace added.

When Silk Boss spoke on the matter, he didn’t say much, but he took a Biblical approach to express how he felt.

“The Lord will protect.. when the wicked try to rise up against me they stumble and fled,” he stated. “Right now, me just a do the music same way. That’s all me have to seh.”

Before trending online for a sex tape and aggressive audio, Silk Boss had trended on social media for his debut song ‘Mankind’ in August 2021. Following this release, dropped the singles ‘Life Story’, ‘Geet Way’ and ‘Team’. On March 5, he premiered the video of his current single ‘Off ‘Guard’.

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