Silk Boss’ “Misunderstanding” Love Song Released Amid Drama With Brii

Amid the drama taking place between young Dancehall artiste Silk Boss and his girlfriend Brii, a new track entitled “Misunderstanding” has been released which finds the artiste singing in a very emotional tone calling for his lover to come back to him.

The controversy concerning the Montego Bay native and his girlfriend that is now spurring in vitality is based on a voice note that recently got released to the public and featured voices sounding like the two in an argument that had the male figure in the audio recording sounding as if he was physically abusing the female and issuing damaging threats to her.


 Upon the discovery of the recording by the public, the main assumption was that the two persons were Silk Boss and Brii. There is even an alleged sex tape of the couple said to be circulating which makes the deejay’s song now more interesting if you think about it.

To start the track, Silk Boss uses his signature falsetto sound to ease into the song with a melody then goes on to the chorus in the same style of singing to make the female who he is talking about in the song know that he did not choose her and the gift of goodness that her “Pum Pum” carries, makes him not want to lose her.

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In fact and reality, if one was following up the controversy that included the couple and popular vlogger Terro Don, it would be evident based on the proof that the YouTuber brought that Brii reached out to Silk Boss first.

Silk Boss Releases Love Song Amid Alleged Drama With Brii

The chorus of the song goes on to carry a similar rhyme scheme, after which the deejay goes into the verse of the song by describing the things he wants his female counterpart to do making it clear that he wants a bad “gyal” and no normal woman.

For the second verse of the song, Silk Boss treats it much differently by using his falsetto style throughout the entire section whilst changing the melody and its dynamics to a softer sound in a lower complementing key.

So far, Silk Boss’s fans are happy for the release, and “Misunderstanding” might just be his confirmation to his fans that he is still in love with Brii.

Listen to Silk Boss “Misunderstanding” below.

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