Silk Boss and Gf Brii vs. Terron Don Feud

Friday, February 18, 2022, 7:12 PM GMT-5

After what appears to be a very bad UK tour, dancehall artiste Silk Boss and his manager Terror Don are no longer seeing eye to eye. According to the vlogger, the fallout was as a result of Silk’s girlfriend name “Brii”.

Things got disrespectful on social media between the individuals over the past 24 hours after the artiste and his girlfriend reportedly missed their flight back to Jamaica while Terror Don returned on the flight as scheduled

As shown in multiple screenshots, Terro Don outlined that Brii got involved with Silk Boss because he was on his way to getting a million views on Youtube, he also highlighted that the artiste “cut off” his day one friends because of Brii.

Brii is also said to be the reason for Silk Boss to miss the return flight.

Brii did not take kindly to Terror’s words and launched an attack of her own on the Portmore YouTuber, check out their argument via the screenshots below.



As shown below, Terror Don exposed Brii texting Silk Boss, suggesting that they should become friends.

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