Silk Boss And Iwaata Under Fire After Flopped UK Show

Jamaican UK-based promoter Corey Max, is in a very angry state of mind against Dancehall artistes Silk Boss and Iwaata, who he said flew into the country to perform at a show but in a twist ended up flopping the event.

After the flopped show, Max said in an Instagram Live he did exposing the entertainers that they were demanding payment from him and trying to use badness and intimidation as an avenue to get their way.

In an effort to get money from the promoter, Max says that Silk Boss was pushing himself up in his face like a badman, with him having to get real with the deejay telling him not to do that in a grimy way.

Additionally, the promoter said in the video that Terro Don who is a part of the management team for Silk Boss, kept on calling him about the money however, he explained that their actions have led him to the conclusion that the entertainers were operating based on a planned scheme of moves.

The reason why Max says that was so was because he claims that Iwaata, had initially told him that he did not need to worry about any money, he would just need to get him in the country and from there he would know exactly what to do to get it.

Where Silk Boss is concerned, Max says that they were talking about a link that they have in the UK that they would be connecting with after the flight, which made him believe even more than what the entertainers and their teams were doing was something planned.

Corey Max also said that he brought the deejays and their teams to a Travelodge Hotel, just for them to have somewhere to go immediately after the flight but the promoter stated that the artistes and their team members described the place as a “Fvck shop”.


As a consequence of their actions, the promoter made some very serious talks, threatening to have immigration take away their visas since he was the one who made them get it. 

If Corey Max is real as how he talks, taking away the artistes’ visas would have rendered them to be illegal in the foreign country. All that Max is asking from Silk Boss and Iwaata is for them to answer their phones but he stated that they are only letting the issue further boil up to the point where he saw them doing an Instagram Live with them doing dubs which he considers a style thing.

Additionally, the Promoter has launched a violent verbal disrespect at the entertainers, stating that the clothes they are wearing are not even genuine, with him referring seemingly to Silk Boss for wearing a Fake Fila.

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