Pretty and Rebel Talk about their Past Relationship with Iwaata and Intence

The relationships were played out in the public and at first Pretty and Rebel didn’t want to reveal too much about Intence and Iwaata in the recent interview they did.

Rebel said people criticized her man, saying his voice didn’t sound good and he would never make it, and she was hurt by that. She was too burdened by it and she doesn’t think he was having those intense feelings when she was hurt in anyway.


She said she is a Tom Boy and she wants a man who will make her feel girlie, and a man who is caring and push her to achieve. She believes the fatherly love she should get was not there when she was growing up and now she is searching for it. She knows that is not something she should do, but she can’t help it.

However, she makes it her duty to be sexy for her man because she likes all that love has to offer. She believes love is a beautiful thing and it doesn’t hurt anyone, it is the people who do wrong things and hurt you, who should be put down, but people should never give up on love, no matter what.

Whenever Rebel felt like she needed to move on in order to get over the hurt she went through in her last relationship; her friends wouldn’t allow her, they said she needed to heal first. A good sisterhood was developed between her, Pretty and others in the reality show and they protect each other. Her friends need to investigate and find out everything about the man she is liking before she can be certain if she can allow the love to grow.

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Pretty-Pretty said there was no big dirty showdown between her and her boyfriend Iwaata because they were both trying to rise in life together.

She says she is a person who loves talking and she wants a man who will make her feel comfortable. She wants a man who want to do things with their lives, she wants to be able to put down the dancing and open a business with her man.

She also wants a man who is romantic because she believes in relationships, and believes in trying new things and living without boundaries. 

Even though she is demanding she isn’t trying to rule anyone. She doesn’t like the men who are too aggressive, she just wants to know that her man cares. Even though the women in the sisterhood have some rough side to them because they are thug girls, who will watch football and play with a little brother. They still like being in relationships and they are still attracted to love.

Check out the full interview below.

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