Dancing Rebel, Pretty-Pretty and TC are Jamaica’s Latest Reality Tv Show Stars

Downsound Records’ Joe Bogdanovich along with former team Spice dancers Dancing Rebel, Pretty-Pretty and TC were interviewed about the reality tv series they are all acting in. Bogdanovich said he decided to do the reality show, as he wanted to keep Dancehall music alive during the downtime brought on by the virus.

He said the girls who are in the reality show are really nice to work with. He is now executive Producer and he helps with other aspects of the show. The company is growing as the stakeholders have come together very nicely, because it is clear that there is a demand for dancehall and the girls at this time.

Dancing Rebel was surprised when she saw they were trending online and she is happy about what is happening. As a dancer, she gets to do anything she wants to do, as the team find ways to fit in whatever she does in the show.

Her own personal project is Rebel Nation, but there are 11 episodes for the reality show and they are doing 2 seasons right away; with 12 episodes per season. 

Bogdanovich said he is talking to Netflix and other companies are calling him, he has a character in the show and the girls love him.

Dancing Rebel said she just does what she does normally in her everyday life as that is what reality shows are about anyway.

Joe says the team is lean, they have a small crew but the girls are comfortable working together. It is nice working with entertainers who are the best in the world, as they were working with Spice before and she is the Queen of the dancehall.

Dancing Rebel said leaving team Spice was not very challenging as she was already building her brand when she was with Spice. Spice would tell her to be strong and that was instilled in her before she made the move.

Pretty-Pretty who is doing music and acting in the reality show, also says the transition was easy. She is being called by producers to do music these days and she is not being called to perform at events, to do dancing alone.

However, TC revealed that she was an actor from before she became a part of the reality show.

TC loves dancing but she is stepping away from it because she wants people to know that she is multi-talented. She loves acting more than dancing and has theatre arts in CXC, she doesn’t even need a script, because it comes naturally for her.

Pretty-Pretty, Dancing and TC are destined to be stars because they are truly hard working, talented and willing to do their best.

Check out their latest show below.

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