Silk Boss Talks Terror Don Fallout And Leaked Tape

Saturday, March 19, 2022, 12:30 AM

Silk Boss and Brii are finally breaking the silence they have been maintaining as they speak out in an interview with The Flix about the sex tape and aggressive audio that were leaked. 

The couple had previously given a brief statement about the issue saying they were working on getting the cybercrime unit to deal with the source of the leak, and also emphasized that the incident recorded in the leaked audio was not abusive.


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The couple has returned with more interesting details about what happened and why it happened, in an interview that has not yet been released.

In the preview trailer to the unreleased interview, Silk Boss says he was betrayed by an individual and while a name is not mentioned in the released clip, it is clear that the topic being discussed is the “fallout” with himself and his former manager/friend Terror Don.

The clippings also showed Silk Boss explaining that both his Instagram and YouTube accounts were taken over by the individual. While on the same topic, Silk Boss outlined, “See di video weh leak, a him leak it,” in reference to the sex tapes that were released recently with himself and Brii. 

He said the individual was trying to sabotage his career by using his girlfriend/manager Brii to do so. The artiste, who sat next to his girlfriend, got so upset at one point that he began stuttering and struggling to complete his statement, “calm down” says Brii in that instance.

Silk Boss declared that, “everybody weh tell mi seh Brii ago hurt mi, mi fi bi careful a Brii, a dem hurt mi enuh.”

While the clippings of the podcast have been rising anticipation into many persons, there is no date revealed for when the full video would be released.

Watch the podcast preview below.

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