Brit Allegedly Attacked and Robbed at a Party – Watch Videos

Social Media personality Brittany Goffe was allegedly attacked and robbed last night at an event. Footage of the altercation has been circulating on social media, as well as screen recordings of a live stream she did with a cut beneath her eye. However, an alternate version of the incident has also surfaced.

Brittany, known widely as Brit, was seen in an altercation with a woman, but a man was also reportedly involved in the fight. While Patrons were attempting to keep Brit and the woman separated, a man standing off to the side also shoved Brit in the head.

Sometime later, Brit did a live stream on the road with blood under her eye. The TikToker also argued with onlookers, two of whom were videoing her as they questioned what happened to her face.

Brit told viewers on the live stream that she was punched in the face by a woman who also hit her with a Hennessy bottle in her face.


“That dusty bitch, she punch me in my face. She punch me in my face with a Hennesy bottle. She put a Hennessy bottle in my face,” she said.

Watch the videos of Brit below:


Following Brit’s statements about the altercation, an alleged witness of the incident has come forward with a different side to the story. The person claimed that Brit was being mischievous, leading a man to retaliate.

“She push di man to him limit and he react now everyone making it seems like brit isnt in the wrong,” the person wrote in a message to popular Instagram blog page JamaicamateyangroupiePinkwall.


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