Brittany Tells Unexpected Story About Her Cheating Ex-boyfriend Who Caused Her to Have a “Fishy pumpum” – Watch Video

Brittany Goffe aka Brit has once again gone viral for her comedic personality while offering advice to women about having good personal hygiene. The TikTok sensation sat down and had a discussion with her fans during a live stream, in which she told a story about having a “fishy pumpum.”

The discussion had viewers laughing hard as Brit told them that she once had issues with her vagina being “fishy” due to her cheating ex-boyfriend, who would have sex with both males and females.

“I used to have a fishy pumpum all the time because I used to have a cheating man all the time,” she said, adding that she believed that it was a yeast infection and visited a doctor multiple times.

The social media personality stated that her cheating ex was loved by both men and women due to the size of his penis, which played a part in why she also found it hard to cut ties with him.

“He was not only satisfying me. He satisfying man outta road, and he satisfying woman,” she continued.
Brit also expressed that the cheating ex also impregnated another woman.

According to Brittany, she ultimately moved on with her life and stopped being with well-endowed men because such men only left a woman stretched.

As she continued, Brit argued that cheating men preferred to bash women for having poor hygiene instead of helping women improve their hygiene since the problem stemmed from the affairs.

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