Brite Lite Responds to Sir P Blaming Him For Disappearance of Lizard and Nick Photo Works Bodies – Watch Video

Monday, April 1, 2024, 1:25 AM GMT-5

Hours after Jamaican Youtuber Sir P published a damning video targeting the owner of Brite Lite Funeral Services whose name is Tommy Thompson, Thompson took to social media to clear his name of the serious allegations.

According to Sir P, Thompson is conducting “illegal cremations”, he next went on to state that Thompson is responsible for the disappearance of the body of one of the most popular dancehall photographers, Nicketa Thomas better known as NickFotoWorks who went missing in October of 2015. He hasn’t been seen since. Previously seen everywhere, now he is nowhere to be seen.


Sir p also placed the disappearance of Clive ‘Lizard’ Williams at the hands of Thompson, however, hours after Sir P made the allegations online, Thompson who is better known as Tommy Brite Lite made a video denouncing the Youtuber’s claims.

In Thompson’s over-five-minute-long response to Sir P, he states that the vlogger is sending out “false and degrading information”, he goes on to state that he has never ordered for anyone to be killed, then asks Sir P “kindly to desist”, he also stated, “I have nothing or anything to do with any of the allegations that is now being made by him and I’m asking you please Sir P to desist.”

He continues, “Tommy Thompson has nothing to do with Lizard, Tommy Thompson has nothing to do with my best friend, one of my best friends,” he went on to declare that he holds Nick PhotoWotks “very very dear” to his heart.

Before ending his lengthy message, the funeral home owner asks Sir P to contact him so that the two can talk, however, he asks the vlogger multiple times to refrain from mentioning his name in a “negative light”.

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