Harry and Meghan Talks of Racism and Neglect in British Royal Family

The union of Prince Harry and former American actress Meghan certainly brought an upsurge in the Royal family due to the factor of ethnicity which even got more intense when it was discovered that the couple were expecting a child.

Eventually, the two decided and gave up their Royal duties, and migrated to the United States where they started a new life.

The move by the young Royals triggered a whole air of mystery which was spoken about in detail in a recent interview done with, Tv host, Oprah Winfrey.

Both Harry and Meghan expressed how isolated in feeling they were while at the Royal Palace with the Dutchess even stating that she did not want to live anymore.

The bi-racial couple told Oprah that things even got extreme when a member of the Royal family asked curiously about their child’s skin colour.

Harry told the tv host that he would often come home to find his wife crying, however, little did he know that his wife was contemplating suicide.

The prince also said that the relationship between him and his father Prince Phillip, broke apart in the last few years, and according to him they might have been causing a media press release created against the couple.

Meghan told Oprah that she had to undergo things like losing her freedom as she was not able to express herself as she once did, as well as suffering in silence.

Check out the viral interview below.

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