Britney Spears’ Family And Friends Worried About Her Wellbeing, Intervention Planned

American singer Britney Spears has put her family and friends on edge because of her behaviour, causing them to come to the conclusion that something must be done or the singer may lose her life.

According to TMZ, Spears has been finding it hard to control her mental health and she is reportedly struggling with substance abuse. It has reached a point where the people closest to her have decided to do an intervention in hopes of saving Spears from herself.

Those around her have confirmed that they became unnerved by her turbulent and unpredictable behavioural patterns, which got even worse because she was taking drugs that overly energised her, causing her to make decisions that would go against the norm. It was also reported that she would get explodingly enraged regularly and that she was not taking the medications that were prescribed to her to regularize her temperment.

It was also reported that the singer was appointed a guardian by a court to oversee her medical and physical well-being after she was involuntarily admitted two times. The period for this ended in November of 2021 because of a movement that was started to “free Britney.” The judge that was ruling over the case, however, neglected to request a medical evaluation of the Baby One More Time singer before ending the conservatorship, despite the advice of doctors warning against it over the 13 years with a guardian.

Sources say that Spears’ husband, Sam Asghari, doctors, an interventionist, and her manager formulated a plan to take the singer to a property that was leased by her manager in the Los Angeles area for several months without her knowledge to try and persuade her to seek help. It was reported that the plan was to have Spears live at the location for as long as two months so she could be counselled by a psychologist and get medical treatment, but she became aware of the entire ruse and it was cancelled for an undisclosed reason.

It was revealed that her father, Jamie Spears, and her two sons denied taking part in the intervention that was scheduled to take place on Tuesday of this week.

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According to sources, the singer did agree to meet with a doctor who was not confirmed to be a physician or therapist late Wednesday afternoon, and the meeting was successful. It was reported that she was seen at a restaurant close to her house sometime last month, where she was apparently acting deranged.

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