Brittany Goffe Hosts Back-to-School Giveaway – Watch Video

In the spirit of giving back, popular social media personality Brittany Goffe organized a back-to-school giveaway to support students and families in need.

With her massive online influence and dedication to making a positive impact, Goffe went above and beyond to ensure that children in the community where the treat was held had at least some of the school supplies they needed to start the new school year on a positive note.


Goffe’s back-to-school giveaway included a large number of colourful knapsacks packed with supplies to be issued to children. Families from the community flocked to the venue, eagerly hoping to receive much-needed supplies for their children.


The event was a testament to Goffe’s strong connection with the streets as she volunteered her time and resources to ensure a successful giveaway.

Goffe’s initiative was captured in a video uploaded to Instagram by jamaicanmatetandgroupiepinkwall. The giveaway included lots of cake, beverages, toys, and pizza. There was no information about the location of the back-to-school event in the post.

The controversial social media personality was also in the video doing what she does best, posing for the camera and capturing the moment herself on her phone as she was surrounded by persons helping with the treat.


On the Instagram post, commenters showed their appreciation for the initiative undertaken by Britt. “I love how she don’t make nothing, or nobody stop the good things that she always do so proud of her,” one commenter wrote.

Another wrote, “Imagine some artist n priducer n business man cyah duh this even if it small…Yow, some people mean and cold enuh.”

black_beauty0713 also wrote, “Blessings Brit, Always sharing with the little that she has, may god continue to bless and keep you.”

See the video below:


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