BTS: Mavado Shoots New Music Video With Stephen Di Genius – Video

Dancehall veteran Mavado is collaborating with popular producer Stephen Di Genius on a new music video. Behind-the-scenes footage of the music video was shared online, showing the two in a scene.

The video shows Mavado sitting on the ground, deejaying and leaning against a classic vehicle occupied by a female who strikes seductive poses.

Another woman also appears, skating in front of Mavado. Additionally, a different woman stands near the front of the vehicle, interacting with Di Genius as he sips from a cup.

Unfortunately, there is no audio throughout the clip of the scene. The audio becomes available after it appears that Mavado and Di Genius have finished recording for the music video scene.

“Oh yuh done know Gully God, mi a represent fi now or neva, yuh zeet. Oh so clever,” Mavado said to the camera.

In another scene, people are seen walking around, while others appear to be grabbing something to eat at what appears to be an outdoor eatery. Mavado can be seen at the location interacting with a man.

Watch the video of Mavado below:

The location and the date of the music video shoot are unclear. The video was shared on Mavado’s Music Facebook page last Sunday and has garnered positive responses.

One viewer said, “Big to my general the one an only GULLYGOD,” and another wrote, “Mad love for Gully Gud.”

Read more of the comments below:

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