Buffalo Shooter Attacked During Sentencing Segment Of Court Hearing – Watch Video

The shooter who killed 10 people at a Tops supermarket on May 14, 2022, was handed his sentence today. It was reported by CNN that the now 19-year-old Payton Gendron was motivated by hatred and racist conspiracy theories that he encountered on the internet as he targeted a predominantly black community for his malicious acts.

It was also reported that eleven of the thirteen people who were shot by the white teen were black, and he has since been labelled a white supremacist.


In the courtroom, Gendron was seen being given a tongue lashing by one of the victim’s sisters. She expressed with an aching heart that her sister, whom she referred to as “Cat,” was an extremely kind and caring person. She spoke of the good deeds her sister would do for residents of their community, which included giving money to strangers and cutting their lawns.

The grieving woman told the suspect that her nephew referred to her deceased sister as “a saint among sinners,” and her son called her “triple black” for the reason of her being extremely proud of her heritage. The woman hurled threats at the accused and told him to thank the officers that were protecting him because she wanted nothing more than to hurt him.

The sadness that enveloped the courtroom could be felt as the woman delivered her agonizing speech. It was cut short, however, when an unidentified relative of one of the deceased victims approached her from behind. He stood behind her momentarily before pulling her away and charging at the accused 19-year-old with malicious intent.

Officers rushed to the aid of the helplessly detained Gendron, and others attempted to get the charging man away from the accused. Before the court could be calmed, the teen was escorted away as officers tried to ensure his safety. It took a number of officers to hold back the angry man as they tried to appeal to him to calm down.

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It was subsequently reported that 19-year-old Gendron was given life imprisonment without the possibility of parole due to the severity of his crimes. The video also depicts the faces of the ten victims who lost their lives in the massacre that has since been dubbed the “Buffalo Shooting.”


Watch the court proceedings below:



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