Buju Banton Bashes INDEPENDENCE Celebration Talks Cutting of Rasta Locks – Video

Today August the 6th marks Independence for Jamaica however Buju Banton is not about to celebrate with those of us who are in the “Pen”. The Gargamel took to one of his social media accounts hours ago to vent his frustration at what he is seeing, “Going on in our world”, “the government betray wi the police betray we” outlines Banton before disagreeing with the fact that the teachers of Jamaica are being put under pressure to take the vaccine.

“Most of the entertainer weh mi expect fi speak up fi the people dem… none a dem nah talk,” Says Buju who went on to conclude that “they” are out to kill us.

He is asking why are we not getting news as we use to, the news that will educate us and inform us. According to Buju the nation is not independent and the lock-down signifies that point.

Buju also touched on the controversial saga with regards a young lady’s hair being cut by a female police at the station.

Watch his viral statement below.


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